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About Us

Welcome to Dhanvantri Public School

Best For Education

Our Mission

  • Produce world class citizens who have “out-of-box” approach to deal with different situations in life
  • Provide a highly stimulating, rewarding and enriching curriculum so that every child will find a certain degree of joy in learning.
  • Provide congenial, friendly, reassuring and conducive school atmosphere so as to enable the child "to live, to love, to learn and to imbibe a legacy"
  • Implement a curriculum that is meticulously planned and rich in content.
  • Untiringly promote in our students a sense of neighbourhood so that they appreciate the role of the school as a vital community centre and foster in them a concern for all-particularly the less privileged.
  • Inculcate a sense of concern and respect for nature so that they will not exploit it but hold it in reverence.
  • Towards the achievement of our goals we will recruit, employ, develop and retain a staff who will share and contribute to the realization of our vision.
Areas of Responsibility 2019 – 2020

1. Staff Secretary (Coordinator) :Mr. Amrit Indwar

2. Senior Section (Department Incharge) : Mr. Jangkhogin

3. Middle Section (Department Incharge) : Mr. Sampan Singh

4. Junior Section (Department Incharge) : Mrs. Aditi Saha

5. Cultural In-charges : Mr. Sampan Rawat

6. Sports & Activities In-charges: Mr. Rajesh & Ashvini Bhatt

Our Vision

  • We are committed to inculcating competitive spirit and a deep instinct to excel in academics and activities among the students.
  • We steadfastly believe that education is not mere preparation for life but is LIFE ITSELF.
  • We hold that every child is endowed with certain unique gifts by the Creator.
  • We are convinced of the total personality development of the child- Physical, Mental, Aesthetic, Social and Spiritual dimensions.
  • We reaffirm that learning is the chief priority of the school.
  • We believe that a student's self-esteem is enhanced by positive relationship and mutual respect among and between students and staff.
  • We hold that there is a vital relationship among the school, community and parents.
  • We hold that a highly self-motivated, self-disciplined and creative staff is indispensible in achieving our mission and goals.
Members of the Community

Members of Community Director : Mr.Yudhveer Singh

Principal: Mr. Amrit Minj