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There will be an on-going Internal Assessment in all two terms. The class tests are conducted to cultivate the habit of a regular study pattern in students so that they are alert in class and watchful of their academic performance through the year. Allocation of marks will be as follows: (for each term)

Term 1- (Periodic Assessment-1 & Half Yearly Examination)

Term 2- (Periodic Assessment-1 & Yearly Examination)

There will be Two Term Examinations of 100 marks each, one conducted per term. Individual weightage of the two term examinations for the promotion shall be as follows:

First Term : PA 1 (10%) +Note Book (5) +Sub. Enrichment (5) HY (80) =100%

Second Term : PA 2 (10%) +Note Book (5) +Sub. Enrichment (5) Y (80) =100%

A student has to secure 33% in each subject for a passing grade at the end of the year. A failure in English by itself or any other two subjects shall warrant a detention in the class.

91 - 100 A1 10.0
81 – 90 A2 9.0
71 – 80 B1 8.0
61 – 70 B2 7.0
51 – 60 C1 6.0
41 – 50 C2 5.0
33 – 40 D 4.0
21 – 32 E1 --
20 and Below E2 --


1) Certificates and trophies will be awarded to students who secure above 60% in each subject in the term examinations

2) Certificate will also be awarded to students who secure 90% or above in value education.

Other incentives

  • Certificate for 100% Attendance.
  • Proficiency Award for Academics.
  • Proficiency Award for Co-curricular activities.
  • Proficiency Award for the outstanding students of the year.


To ensure proper discipline in school the following card system will be enforced.



To be issued to the student defaulter for the following:

To be issued to the student defaulter concerned in the presence of the Principal/coordinators and the parents for the following.

  • 1) Repeated careless and irregular work.
  • 2) Irregular attendance.
  • 3) Coming to school out of uniform
  • 4) Coming late to school.
  • 5) Disrupting classroom teaching
  • 6) Loitering out of the class without purpose.
  • 7) Missing classes, Assembly, S.U.P.W, Library, P.T, etc. periods
  • 8) Not bringing the School Diary
  • 1) Being disobedient.
  • 2) Using abusive language.
  • 3) Rude or insolent behavior with a teacher.
  • 4) Misbehaving in the bus.
  • 5) Bullying fellow students and juniors and causing physical injuries.
  • 6) Using unfair means during any examination
  • 7) Damaging school property (a fine also will be imposed)

Annulment of Yellow card

May be considered, should the student defaulter show marked improvement over a period of 6 months to a year. His overall behaviour may be reviewed by a Discipline Committee for due consideration.


To be issued to the student defaulter in the presence of the Principal and parents for the following.

  • 1) Misbehaving with a teacher.
  • 2) Negative influence.
  • 3) Bringing or using narcotic substance or alcohol.
  • 4) 3 pink Cards will be equivalent to one red card.
  • 5) 2 yellow Cards will be equivalent to one red card.
  • Red Card will mean suspension from the school for three weeks and expulsion from the school at the end of the academic year.


    Organized activities bring together students who wish to utilize their energies constructively. The meaningful interaction, purposeful tasks and achievement of goals contribute towards all-round development.

    The following activities are organized in the school

    Table Tennis Debate & Quiz
    Tennis Elocution
    Badminton Dance
    Football Music
    Cricket Art & Craft
    Volleyball First Aid
    Carom board Chess

    Sports & Games

    Physical training, games and athletics are employed to the best advantage to promote physical development and a healthy spirit of competition. The school provides facilities for games such as Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton, Throw ball, Table Tennis. While competent staff is always present to give any guidance, the fullest scope is given for initiative and leadership among the students themselves. Training in skills is imparted during the Physical Education periods within and outside school hours. Inter-School athletic and sports meets help the students in keeping up their spirit of healthy competition and sportsmanship.


    The facilities available are conducive to academic pursuits and excellence.

    The school has big airy and fully furnished class-rooms, well-equipped Laboratories, Library, Computer and Audio-Visual labs with multimedia projectors.